Thursday, 7 January 2016

Some thousands or million years back, the self individualization happened in man, giving birth to the capital i...
 And with that there was birth of love, relationship, ambition, religion, insecurity, soul, hole, whole, culture,god, pleasure, seeking, ideals & perpetuating misery !

Through the help of the knowledge of what is living and what is not, I can state that I am alive & my body is living right now as I right this piece.

There are trillions of cells in this living body working so intelligently ,precisely synchronizing and co-operating with the neighboring, adjacent cell with the sole purpose of its own SURVIVAL and not for some grand purpose .All life forms in nature exhibit the same, the innate intelligence for survival and reproduction.There is no ideal behavior , there is just ACTION, action emanating from the innate intelligence.

Culture  is a central concept in defining what it means to be human in anthropology, the shared ideas, ideals and knowledge passed on and thrust ed upon by the society on the 'individual' to behave in a certain way to maintain its  status quo.
LOVE and religion was such an invention , seeking a certain behavior from an individual in a society.

Love makes the world go round, Love thy neighbor as thy selves , Love is god ;and similar religious platitudes and romantic idioms were floated to let man pursue an ideal state manufactured by the culture and the society to keep its foundation intact.
The pursuit or an effort to be loving implies that there is actually no love as it is !!

Can  an individual ever love? the self  is an isolated  identity , apparently divorced  from the oneness of life and life form... all the actions emanating from "I" are self centric with the agenda of self interest..
'I' will always be up against' you' . The overlapping self interest is the basis of relationship, the more the overlap,  the more successful the relation.

In a relationship axis each one involved wants something from the relationship & that something which may be money, sex, emotional support, comfort of a family etc This is what keeps one interested , involved & related. The sooner one realizes it, the better it is!

Striving to be loving, seeking unconditional love , expecting other to be doing the same is the start of the misery!

All the  wars & bloodshed were done  and will be done in the name of love ,god and peace. 

All human actions are the product of thought, and thought has its source in self and there is no thought without wanting, My wanting and Your wanting , All I can hope is that they have a contact point, not like the ships passing by in different directions in the middle of the sea.

Personality clashes are essentially.... My genes vs Your genes and genes seldom mutate!!
Though seemingly a threat to the foundation of society, It is interesting if Selfishness is promoted, which is a living truth, things would be much conflict of self centric identity pursuing an fictitious state of selflessness nor expecting it from the other. 

And if by some strange and improbable luck , the self extinguishes itself, there will be no talk of LOVE.
Its the man who can never love , who talks and preaches it
As long as one is trying to be loving , One will be hateful!

The words spun around the core word LOVE have given birth to romantic poetry and other arts and has also created 'mass manipulation'.  Because I love you........
If the aces and kings have failed , Love  is the last joker card, card which can win you the deal, to make other do what you wish him to do!

I am reminded of the PINK FLOYD song ,pigs on the wings with my relative interpretation(as it is always) and slight modification of lyrics!

if you didn't care , what happened to me
and i didn't care  for you, 
and we would zigzag our way through boredom& pain......

and the second part

you know that i care what happens to you,
and i know that you care for me too!!!!

two parallel lines,   that's what two different individualized  entities are &  the narrative changes on the condition of the other changing !

om selfish namoh!